Yves, service specialist

"I have been hired at Claisse in 2005 for a 3-month contract to test instruments and to ensure quality control. Today, I have a permanent position at Claisse and I have got the chance to evolve in the company. I’m now responsible for answering service calls from our clients and agents as well as for solving issues that sometimes occur in the laboratory. In my opinion, working at Claisse means a friendly atmosphere as well as interesting career advancement opportunities. It is easy to build personal relationships with other colleagues since the team is quite small. Consideration and complicity prevail among employees during group activities organized by the company!"

Jonathan, electronics technologist (R & D) and PCB designer

"Creation. Passion. Diversity. Energy. Here are the words that come to my mind when people ask me why I love to work at Claisse. I’m in charge of developing the electric/electronic aspects of instruments and I make sure they meet different standards. This position involves many technical challenges. The fact that we constantly have to innovate to stay the world leader in a field at the cutting edge of technology fuels my competitive spirit every day. When I see the sales results and I receive positive comments after the launching of an instrument, I feel that I really make a difference and that I actively contribute to the success of the company. This is an incredible feeling."

Chantal, product manager

"When I graduated from university back in 2004, I was looking for a family-friendly job in which I could fully use my skills and competencies. I wanted to work at Claisse because the company fulfilled both of these criteria and was world-renowned. After working many years in the sales department, I became product manager in the marketing team. I always perform various tasks during a single day. I support sales, create product portfolios and manage the promotion of instruments. My academic background is more than useful to understand the customers’ needs and to develop the products accordingly. Transparency, equity and solidarity are important values at Claisse, and I personally share these values as well. The fact that the management team cares about the employees’ well-being and the long-term sustainability of the company motivates me to come to work everyday".

Mélanie, specialist in sample preparation by fusion for ICP-AA analysis

"Working at Claisse allows me to have job security, to benefit from continuous training opportunities and to discover new competencies. What else could I ask for? I'm in charge of managing a laboratory, developing applications for sample preparation by fusion and ensuring the quality of chemicals. I love the fact that science is an important part of my work here, and I have developed a passion for management over time. Openness and trust are part of the atmosphere at Claisse and it allows everyone to take initiatives, evolve in the company and grow professionally. "