Technical Training at Claisse Headquarters

Claisse fusion instruments are easy to use, but like all technological devices, some technical difficulties may arise. We have the solution: trainings at our headquarters in Qubec city!

This training course is designed to teach you how to do preventive maintenance, repair potential problems and how to keep your fusion instrument working at its full capacity. In addition to extending the life of the instrument, it will make YOU more autonomous. The communication with repair technicians from Claisse and your company will be greatly increased, making it even easier to do preventive maintenance or repair instruments. Fuse our knowledge with ours to become more resourceful and contribute actively to the success of your company!

After completing the course, you will be Claisse certified, meaning that you can repair, maintain and prevent problems on Claisse fusion instruments.

The training is a weeklong formation at Claisse headquarters and it covers the following points for each one of our fusion instrument:

  • the installation
  • technical information
  • maintenance and repair instructions
  • the forms
  • references

Call us at (418) 656-6453 for more information on this service.

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