About Claisse

Claisse® is the “The First and Finest in Fusion®”. It symbolizes the development of analytical fusion techniques, instrumentation and fine chemistry science. In a nutshell, it embodies outstanding achievements on the world stage in the field of inorganic sample preparation by fusion for XRF, AA and ICP analysis.

A pioneer, Claisse® is a proud company with history dating back to 1976, when the first automatic fusion instrument was invented. Over the following years, the company went on to develop the first fused fluxes with integrated non-wetting agents. Other past inventions include the Claisse® Bis!™ crucible–patented in 1984–and the Claisse® Optimix™ crucible, which offers a unique composition of pattern and the highest benefits.

Designed for unprecedented analytical accuracy and repeatability, Claisse’s gas and electric automatic fusion apparatuses such as the “TheOx® Claisse Fluxer®” and the “M4™ Claisse Fluxer®” set new benchmarks in fusion capabilities. The same is true for Claisse’s “rFusion®” robotic system, platinumware, industry-leading fused, ultra pure, borate fluxes and analytical consulting services.

Technological advances bring unprecedented results; Research and Development lays the foundation that ensures Claisse’s leadership in the field of sample preparation. New projects are continually in progress with a view to supplying XRF, AA, and ICP analysts with the ultimate machinery, accessories and new techniques for their work with fusion.

Long-term and close partnerships are one of the core values of Claisse®. We embrace a proactive approach with our diverse customer base primarily consisting of cement plants, mining companies, universities and laboratories that are involved with geology and mineral prospecting, as well as lime, bauxite, aluminum, ferroalloys, steel, pure metals, catalysts, polymers, ceramics, glass, petroleum and oil companies.

About PANalytical

PANalytical is the world leader in X-ray analysis systems. It has the world's largest installed base, an extensive product range and an unrivaled sales and service network. It was founded half a century ago as part of the Philips organization, and it quickly gained a growing reputation for utilizing highly scientific X-ray analysis technology in order to add proven and demonstrable added value for customers in science and industry.

PANalytical offers cutting-edge and comprehensive insight, knowledge and tools to improve process, quality control and materials research. Its X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction systems are being used in more and more industries in order to deliver ever-improving levels of accuracy and efficiency.

With its customers around the world, PANalytical is contributing greatly towards the drive for better housing, safer cars and airplanes, more effective medical therapies, easier and cheaper communications, and a healthier environment. Every day, billions of people use an incredible range of products that have been improved with the help of materials characterization through X-ray analysis.

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About Spectris plc

In 2014, Claisse was incorporated into Spectris plc as part of PANalytical, the world leader in X-ray analysis system.

Spectris plc is a leading supplier of productivity-enhancing instrumentation and controls. Its products and technologies help customers improve core manufacturing processes as well as product quality and performance. They reduce downtime, wastage and time to market. The company's customer base spans a diverse range of end user markets.

Spectris operates across four business segments which reflect the applications and industries it serves: Materials Analysis, Test and Measurement, In-line Instrumentation and Industrial Controls. Headquartered in Egham, Surrey, England, the company employs approximately 7,600 people, with offices in more than 30 countries.

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