Claisse Optimix Crucible

Our platinum labware is made of 95 % platinum alloyed with 5 % gold. Items are offered in a variety of shapes and thicknesses.

Many types of crucibles designed to contain the most homogenous melt according to various needs and types of instruments are available at Claisse. These crucibles have all distinguishing characteristics that help obtaining good analytical results.

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Molds Catalog

Catalog Number Mold
MO3001-0A 32 mm Claisse shallow mold, 29 g
MO3002-0A 40 mm Claisse shallow mold, 42 g
MO3003-0A 35 mm Claisse shallow mold, 33 g
MO3009-B-0A 32 mm Claisse Eagon 2 mold, 33 g
MO3010-B-0A 32 mm Claisse heavy mold for Eagon 2, 49 g
MO3011-B-0A 40 mm Claisse Eagon 2 mold, 53 g
MO3012-B-0A 40 mm Claisse heavy mold for Eagon 2, 62 g
MO3018-B-0A 32 mm Claisse Pt-DPH Eagon 2 mold, 33 g
MO3019-B-0A 32 mm Claisse heavy Pt-DPH Eagon 2 mold, 49 g
MO3020-B-0A 40 mm Claisse Pt-DPH Eagon 2 mold, 53 g
MO3021-B-0A 40 mm Claisse heavy Pt-DPH Eagon 2 mold, 62 g
MO3030-B-0A Claisse Mold, 30 mm, 21 g
MO3032-B-0A Claisse Mold, 32 mm, 23 g
MO3035-B-0A Claisse Mold, 35 mm, 26 g
MO3038-B-0A Claisse Mold, 38 mm, 34 g
MO3040-B-0A Claisse Mold, 40 mm, 35 g
MO3130-B-0A Claisse Heavy Mold, 30 mm, 27 g
MO3132-B-0A Claisse Heavy Mold, 32 mm, 36 g
MO3135-B-0A Claisse Heavy Mold, 35 mm, 40 g
MO3140-B-0A Claisse Heavy Mold, 40 mm, 48 g

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Crucibles Catalog

Catalog Number Crucible
CR0508-ZZ Flat bottom crucible, nominal weight 25G, 30ML capacity, Internal bottom diameter: 22MM, Top 36 MM , Height: 40 MM, Base Thickness: 0,34 MM
CR1900-0B Zirconium Crucible (25 ml)
CR1902-0A Nickel Crucible (25 ml)
CR3000-01 20 ml Ceramic Crucible for rFusion
CR3008-B-0A Claisse Pt-DPH Eagon 2 flat bottom crucible, 40 g
CR3009-B-0A Claisse Pt-DPH Eagon 2 crucible with dimple, 40 g
CR3010-B-0A Claisse Eagon 2 flat bottom crucible, 40 g
CR3011-B-0A Claisse Eagon 2 crucible with dimple, 40 g
CR3120-B-0A Claisse Flat Bottom Crucible, 20 ml, 24 g
CR3125-B-0A Claisse Flat Bottom Crucible, 25 ml, 26 g
CR3130-B-0A Claisse Flat Bottom Crucible, 25 ml, 30 g
CR3133-B-0A Claisse Optimix™ Crucible, 25 ml, 30 g
CR3325-B-0A Claisse Bis!™ Crucible, 25 ml, 26 g
CR3330-B-0A Claisse Heavy Bis!™ Crucible, 25 ml, 30 g
P-0430-02 Zirconium Crucible (50 ml)
P-0450-02 Nickel Crucible (50 ml)

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You need new laboratory accessories? Claisse can provide the following items at competitive prices:

  • For Peroxide Fusion:
    • Nickel and zirconium crucibles
    • Nickel and zirconium crucibles lids
  • Tongs
  • Spatulas
  • Magnetic stir bars
  • Teflon beakers (150ml)
  • Vaccum cup for glass disks
  • VortexMixer

Since the platinumware needs to have a flat and smooth surface at all times to lead to high and repeatable analytical results, we also sell polishing kits as well as molds and crucibles reshapers.

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Accessories Catalog

Catalog Number Other Accessories
AC3008-ZZ Platinum Lid for Crucible CR0508-ZZ, 37 mm diameter, height: 4mm, nominal weight:7G
AC3101-0A Zirconium Lid / Cover for Crucible Cr1900
AC3102-0A Nickel Lid for Crucible Cr1902
F-0013-00 Teflon Beaker 150 ml
LA10040ZZ Plastic Rod
LA10083ZZ Plastic Syringe with Tapered Tip
LA10110ZZ_ V-shaped Spatula
P-0430-00 Replaced by P-0430-02
P-0431-02 Zirconium Lid for Crucible P-0431-02
P-0451-02 Nickel Lid for Crucibles P-0450-02
P-0530-10 Matrix for 30 mm Mold Reshaper
P-0532-10 Matrix for 32 mm Mold Reshaper
P-0535-10 Matrix for 35 mm Mold Reshaper
P-0537-10 Matrix for 37 mm Mold Reshaper
P-0538-10 Matrix for 38 mm Mold Reshaper
P-0540-10 Matrix for 40 mm Mold Reshaper
P-0600-20 Fusion Polishing Recharge 1
P-0600-30 Fusion Polishing Recharge 2
PAK-EM001 Plastic Bags for Glass Disks 3 po X 3 po
PAK-OU001 Vacuum Cup For Glass Disks
PAK-OU002 0000 Grade Steel Wool Bag (12 pads)
PRK-PK001 Claisse Fusion Polishing Kit, 120 V
PRK-PK002 Claisse Fusion Polishing Kit, 240 V
PRK-RS002 30 mm Mold Reshaper
PRK-RS004 32 mm Mold Reshaper
PRK-RS005 35 mm Mold Reshaper
PRK-RS007 38 mm Mold Reshaper
PRK-RS008 40 mm Mold Reshaper
PRK-RS010 Bis!™ Crucible Reshaper
PRK-RS011 40 mm Widerime Mold Reshaper
PRK-RS012 Flat Bottom Crucible Reshaper
PRK-VM001 VortexMixer™ 110 V
PRK-VM002 VortexMixer™ 220 V

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