An Essential Device in Your Analytical Chain

Claisse® LeDoser-12™ is a 12-position dispensing balance that makes a huge difference in the preparation of samples for XRF analysis. This instrument saves tremendous labour time and costs since it weighs samples and dispenses borate flux automaticallywhile leading to highly repeatable results. Its three weighing modes (sample-to-flux ratio, catch weight and absolute weight) fulfill all needs in the laboratory.

Here’s why you should try this cutting-edge instrument in your sample preparation process:

  • It does not get tired or distracted; it always provides the same repeatability.
  • It saves up to 90% of labor time related to the weighing step.
  • It is LIMS ready for error-free data transfer.
  • Its barcode reader avoids sample inversion and misidentification.
  • The samples are ready just in time for the subsequent fusion and analysis steps.

For more information on this dispensing balance, please click here or contact your Malvern Panalytical representative for the Claisse brand.

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