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The standard in sample preparation by fusion

M4 Fluxer

The M4 fusion instrument is a three-position automatic gas instrument that prepares glass disksfor XRF analysis as well as solutions for ICP and AA analysis. It is very versatile because it can process a wide range of samples such as:

  • Cement, ceramic, slag, glass, silica, carbonates
  • Mining and geological samples
  • Sulfides
  • Bauxites, fluorides
  • Polymers, catalysts
  • Pure metals, ferroalloys and other alloys

Better analytical results can be obtained by using the M4 fusion instrument since it is known for its fast and superior homogenization of the melt. Its uniform heating leads to highly reproducible results and all its fusion parameters can be modified in order to obtain the desired fusion conditions.

The M4 fusion instrument is also very economical since it has low maintenance and operation costs. It guarantees a quick ROI.

Other Benefits of Using the M4 Fusion Instrument:

  • Easy to install and to operate
  • No calibration, compressed air or oxygen needed
  • Optimal agitation by rotation while inclined
  • Automatic spark ignition

Instrument Specifications:

100, 115, 230 VAC; 100W; 50/60 Hz

Propane or any other liquid petroleum gases (LPG) only
Input pressure: 9±1 PSI = 62±7 kPa
Maximum gas consumption (propane): 39 ft3/h = 18.4 l/min
Maximum heat dissipation (propane): 98 000 Btu/h = 29 kW/h

45 x 52 x 41 cm
23 kg (50 lb)


Catalog :

Catalog Number Item Description
PRK-MQ001 M4-10 For the preparation of 1 to 3 glass disks.
PRK-MQ002 M4-30 For the preparation of 1 to 3 glass disks or 1 to 3 solutions.