Friday, March 31, 2017 — 8:49 a.m.

Two New Application Notes Regarding Our Heavy-Duty Instrument

The world leader in fusion released two XRF application notes last month. Both of them concern TheOx Advanced fusion instrument.

The first publication is entitled Inter-Position Repeatability Study on The Ox Advanced Using Bauxite Type Samples Followed by XRF Analysis. It shows how this Claisse product can lead to high reproducibility and inter-position repeatability for a more reliable sample preparation step. The benefits of an accurate XRF analysis can be easily reached when the samples are correctly prepared. You can access the entire application note here.

The second application note Determination of Silver and Volatile Elements in Metal Concentrate Samples Using Lithium Borate Fusion Followed by XRF Analysis covers the importance of retaining volatile elements to properly determine the type of sample and its characterizations. In addition of being a key tool to retain volatile elements, TheOx Advanced instrument helps to fully oxidize the sample, thus avoiding the risk of damaging the platinumware. Please click here to see this publication.

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