Tuesday, June 21, 2016 — 4:19 p.m.

Happy 40th Birthday Claisse!

In 1976, Dr. Fernand Claisse (1923-2016) invented the first automated fusion instrument using glass beads. This fundamental technique revolutonized the world of X-ray fluorescence. 40 years later, the company which still bears his name is still at the forefront of technology and innovation in the spectroscopy field.

Our mission is to act as a close partner to use our expertise to power the performance of laboratories working with spectrometry analysis. Exceeding expectation, customer impact and team work are our core values, and we put our human capital forward!

Since the first automated fusion instrument, discoveries and innovations followed: Bis! crucibles in 1984, the Fluxy fusion instrument in 1987, consumables in 1995, non-wetting agents and peroxide fusion instrument in 2002. During the last 10 years, Claisse never stopped evolving and commercialised the fusion instruments TheBee, TheAnt, le rFusion, TheOx, LeNeo and TheOx Advanced.

Claisse then took off internationally and Claisse USA was founded in 2004 as well as Claisse Australia in 2008. Whether it is regarding the instruments,t the consumables, the services or the expertise, our expansion is in constant evolution.

In addition to sell fusion instruments, Claisse established over time a range of services such as consultation, preventive maintenance, repair, remote support and specialized trainings (technical training, fusion start-up, one-day installation). We also share our expertise around the wold with our application notes, webinars and publications.

All year long, we are organizing activities like thematic cocktail parties, barbecues, activities for the family, a photography contest and much more to celebrate Claisse 40 years anniversary.

In 2014, PANalytical, world leader in X-ray analysis system, acquired Claisse. By fusing our knowledge with theirs, the spectrometry analysis field benefits from an unrivalled improvement of precision and efficiency. We are proud to participate and innovate in the world of spectroscopy!

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